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karimi fondaumiere 

Growing Leaders | Catalysing Change

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Who I am

I play many roles, as a woman, a wife, a mother, a coach and an executive. All these roles have one thing in common: they require leadership. These roles exist in a continuous cycle of being and becoming, bringing about endless opportunities for constant and consistent growth. It is a journey that can be uncomfortable and scary, but most importantly, necessary - especially if, like me, you wish to make a profound impact on the world you live in.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve asked myself this: How can I continue to nurture each of these roles in every stage of my life?  How can I continue to lead in a way that is authentic, courageous and impactful? This reflection led me to my greatest passion in life - leading others to theirs. I am driven to lead businesses and teams to the next frontier by creating the optimal conditions and holding the space for necessary growth. It brings me great joy to strive for and attain long-term and far-reaching goals that make tangible changes in people’s lives.


There’s another role I play, too. I am human. In my spare time, you’ll probably find me in the garden, getting my hands dirty, or on the couch with a Kindle in hand, getting lost in great stories that entertain, unite, educate and inspire. But my favourite way to spend time is with my family - simple things, like sitting next to my husband with a glass of wine in hand, trying out new restaurants, playing with the kids and going on road trips. I believe there’s power in play and creativity, so I’ve also recently picked up my camera again after many years - hopefully, I’ll be adding some photos here soon.

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What I Do
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How do you do it? You just start. You have to begin. And it won’t be perfect. And it’ll be messy, and it’ll be hard. But you’re doing something and you’ll be on your way .

Ava Duvernay


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